Cancellation Protection

Standard Cancellation Protection ( franchise of $100 )

maximum amount protected per person and case:  US$1000  deductible per case US$100

We try to make booking your flight as hassle-free as possible. Our Standard Cancellation Protection plan protects you in the event you are unable to travel for the following reasons:

  • An emergency sickness, injury or death of yourself, and/or a member of your immediate family, traveling companion, business partner or their immediate family, or the host at the trip destination;
  • A disaster which renders your principal residences uninhabitable;
  • Terrorism or civil disorder at the final ticketed destination for which the US/Canadian or U. K. government has issued an advisory against traveling after your Cancellation Protection effective date;
  • Being subpoenaed to appear as a witness or being selected for jury duty;
  • Job loss: involuntary loss of permanent employment which has been continuous for more than one year.
Sky-tours Standard Cancellation Protection, a service of It is valid worldwide. In the event you have to cancel your trip for any of the reasons listed above, after proper documentation and sending the cancellation request minimum 24 hours before departure of the first flight, you will be refunded the ticket cost up to a total amount of US$1000 less a US$ 100 deductible and of course the fee for the cancellation protection ( the price of Standard Cancellation Protection and original ticketing fees from Sky-tours ( $78 ) are non-refundable, refund is calculated over the base fare ).

In cases of sickness, hospital's certificate must be presented with the stamp and signature of the doctor.

Gold Cancellation Protection ( franchise of $100 )

maximum amount protected per person and case:  US$1000  deductible per case US$100

You can protect your travel order with -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- which allows you to cancel all your order, for ANY reason, up and until 24 hours before your first travel date and receive refund with absolutely NO questions asked ( the price of -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- and original issuance fee from Sky-tours ( $78 ) are non-refundable, refund is calculated over the base fare ).

  • No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- may only be purchased at the time when placing your booking.
  • No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- gives you peace of mind when needing to cancel your trip prior to 24 hours before your intended travel.
  • To receive a refund, you just have to contact Support. Cancellations by voice mail, e-mail, or otherwise not communicated may not qualify and will be subject to the Standard Cancellation Policy .
  • No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- can only be purchased on your first original order. When booking your travel, simply select this service on our booking form and add the -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- to your purchase.
  • Cancellation Protection is not available for purchase after your original purchase, whether in conjunction with an order or individually added to a previous order. If you have not purchased Cancellation Protection, the standard cancellation policy of the Airline, Tour Operator, Car Rental Company or other Service Agent/Partner remains in effect.
  • Even if your order includes -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection,- within 24 hour of your travel, the standard cancellation policy of your service partner will go in effect.
  • Refund will only be granted for totally unused ticket(s). If partially flown or exchanged our protection is null and void.
  • -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- is non-refundable and has no cash value. -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- covers travel purchased from our partners only (including Show and Attraction Tickets, Lodging, Car Rental, airline tickets and Vacations) within the same order/booking number, and does not cover any other travel expenses which may incur.
  • Once used, your  -No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection- becomes null and void.
Important Notice!

To avoid abuse of this Service each individual, purchasing a "No Questions Asked Cancellation Protection" is entitled to make maximum 2 claims under a 12 month period. The deductible for each claim is US$100.00 per person and the maximum covered amount per case and person is limited US$ 1000.00.

Missed Connection Protection ( franchise of $100 )What is covered: 

Additional transportation cost or change fees and/or accommodation expenses  incurred to join your connecting flight to get you to your pre-booked final destination; Should you miss your pre-booked connecting departure, as the result of the cancellation or delay of 3 or more hours of your pre-booked flight on your initial outward journey or return journey due to adverse weather, mechanical breakdown or technical fault. 


1. YOU must check-in according to the itinerary provided by the airline, and obtain written confirmation of the delay or cancellation from such Tour Operator or Carrier. 

2. YOU must produce independent evidence in writing to support any claim. 

3. YOU must allow sufficient time to reach your connecting flight

What is not covered: 

1. circumstances which could reasonably have been anticipated at the date this insurance was effected. 

2. withdrawal from service (temporary or otherwise) of an aircraft on the recommendation of the Civil Aviation Authority or any similar body in any country. 

3. Force Majeure like natural forces without any human interference like flood, hurricane, snowstorm. As well any of parliament, legal or illegal strikes, or nationality declarations like turmoil's revolutions, coup d'estat or similar. 



up to $1000 per incident 



$100 per incident