Cookie Policy

When accessing and browsing the Web, Sky-tours can store or register IP addresses, User preferences, or the type of device used, the purpose of which is to gather statistics regarding the number of visits or traffic on the Web, as well as offering a more personalized browsing experience, or recording their details to allow users to log on even from other devices.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer, they hold a modest amount of data specific to you and allows a server to deliver a page tailored to you on your computer, hard drive, smartphone or tablet (hereinafter referred to as, “Device”). Later on, if you return to our Website, it can read and recognize the cookies. Primarily, they are used to operate or improve the way our Website works as well as to provide business and marketing information to the Website owner.

Authorization for the use of cookies on our Website

In accordance with the notice of cookie usage appearing on our Website’s homepage and our Cookie Policy you agree that, when browsing our Website, you consent to the use of cookies described herein, except to the extent that you have modified your browser settings to disable their use. This includes but is not limited to browsing our Website to complete any of the following actions: closing the cookie notice on the Homepage, scrolling through the Website, clicking on any element of the Website, etc.

Types of cookies used on our Website

This website may use the following cookies, whether its own or from authorized third parties:

  • Technical cookies:  These are necessary in order for the Web to run efficiently. Such cookies are memorized and are only valid temporarily. These cookies do not save any information on your computer permanently. They are essential for controlling data traffic and communication, logging on or making purchases, and other such processes.
  • Personalization cookies: The main objective of browser cookies is to avoid offering you recommendations unrelated to your interests, and offer you targeted and personalized commercial suggestions, such as your selected language or your previous destination searches

The usefulness of such cookies is based on the temporary monitoring of Internet browsing. The User has the option to delete such cookies before browsing other pages of the Website.

  • Analytical cookies for statistical purposes and measuring traffic: Statistical cookies allow us to find out the level of recurrence of our visitors and the content that is most popular. We can thus focus our efforts on improving the most visited areas and help the User to find what they are looking for more easily.

Sky-tours can use the information on your visit to make assessments and statistical calculations on anonymous data as well as ensure continuity of the service or make Website improvements. This information shall not be used for any other purpose. Sky-tours may use analysis cookies pertaining to third parties.

  • Advertising cookiesThey allow the advertising that you see on our Website or on other web pages to be more personalized and in line with your preferences based on, for instance, your destination searches or other browsing habits. Sky-tours may use advertising cookies pertaining to third parties.
  • Social cookies: These cookies allow you to share our Website and click “Like” on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, etc. They also allow you interact with each distinct platform’s contents. The way these cookies are used and the information gathered is governed by the privacy policy of each social platform.
  • Pixel tags: This technology allows us to track user behavour both on the Web and in emails.

You can see all Sky-tours cookies via your browser at any time, and delete them.

Cookie management

You must keep in mind that if your Device does not have cookies enabled, your experience on the Website may be limited, thereby impeding the navigation and use of our services.

You also have the option to revoke at any time your consent for Sky-tours to use cookies by configuring your browser as described below:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to "Tools", select "Internet Options" and then "Privacy".

- Firefox, for Mac users, go to "Preferences", select "Privacy" and then "Show Cookies". For Windows users, go to "Tools", select "Options", then "Privacy" and finally "Use custom settings for history".

- Safari, go to "Preferences", then select "Privacy".

- Google Chrome, go to "Tools", select "Options" ("Preferences" in the case of Mac users), then "Advanced" and finally "Content Settings" under the Privacy section and tick on "Cookies" in the "Content Settings" dialog box.