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At Sky-tours.com we're like a fast, shiny speedboat in a sea of slow, rusty freighters.

We run circles around our competitors by providing personalized service, an easy-to-use booking engine, and some of the lowest fares you'll find anywhere.

The problem with GIANT online travel agencies is that they're slow, inflexible, and impersonal. As a smaller agency, we give you the kind of personalized service that our competitors simply can't match.

You'll also get expert travel advice and super-low fares (At the MEGA agencies, you're just a number. But, here at Sky-tours, you're our customer first and foremost!)

Our aim is to have the best possible customer experience period! We want to exceed your expectations so you'll not only use us again, but you'll also tell your friends, family, and co-workers about us too.

Are The GIANTS Really Better?

Let's Compare…

  • At Sky-tours.com, you get personal service. At the MEGA agencies, you get huge call centers and scripted answers.
  • At Sky-tours.com, there is no waiting on hold. All customer service inquiries are handled via our highly efficient e-mail based Support System. At the GIANT agencies, you can end up in a "call queue" for what seems like an eternity.
  • At Sky-tours.com, you'll get a prompt response from a REAL person. At the HUGE agencies, you're liable to get an automated response from a "bot."
  • And... at Sky-tours.com you'll get great service without catches or gotchas. At the BIG agencies you're likely to run into tricky policies and ridiculous rules that will leave you feeling frustrated.

We Do Things Differently…

We have over 40 years of travel agency experience, and because of our vast experience. WE KNOW HOW TO FIND CHEAP RATES!

Our Results

  • We have built our own powerful booking engine. Our system is fast and makes it easy to find the LOWEST FARES to book your flight quickly. No other travel site is as INNOVATIVE as Sky-tours.com.
  • Furthermore, we don't just search flights like our competitors. Instead, we COMPARE multiple airlines flight segments to achieve better connection times, lower fares, and give you more choices.
  • With our efficient customer support system, if you have a question, problem, or need expert advice -- we're always here to help you!
  • All replies come from real EXPERT travel agents. When you contact us, you'll get a HELPFUL REPLY... and you'll get it fast. (Usually within 8 hours during the business week.) To us, you're a valued customer -- NOT a number!
  • Our agents are also multi-lingual. When you call other agencies, you may find they don't speak your language. At Sky-tours.com -- we provide worldwide customer service in 30 different languages.

We Make Travel Simple…

With Sky-tours.comthere are just 3 easy steps: Search, Book … and Fly!

  • We provide conveniences such as your own private login which takes you to your own booking page complete with e-ticket information. This page is automatically updated should your airline change times or cancel flights.
  • For a small fee, we even offer a Cancellation Protection Plan that lets you cancel for any reason whatsoever -- with NO hassle, NO nonsense, and NO questions asked...Easy.

We're not just about airfare! In fact, we can provide ALL your travel needs -- including flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, package vacations, fly & drives, and discount hotel vouchers. Every day we work to provide the BEST service at the BEST possible price.

We Are Your Personal Online Travel Agent!